SMA Unveils 3. 2MW Solar Testing Facility

A a couple of. 2MW ground-mount PV based the sun's farm inverter manufacturer SMA uses to

test new system software has been put into operation in the Sandersh�user Berg industrial park in

Manufactured in just three months, power generated with all the facility will be

consumed by SMA Solar Factory 3 as well as in other useful of the company's buildings.

solar inverters, combiners, battery storage and medium-voltage components for large-scale

solar farming, SMA will also use plant get experience in working with new first, 500 Volt-DC technology and the 'P V' park control function.

"By utilizing it, we can test our new technique solutions under real conditions, close to developers and demonstrate them to regarding customers as if in the field. This keeps us time and

money, " says J�rgen Reinert, Managing Board User for Technical

"We are currently testin out the SMA Utility Power Course of action with a Sunny Central inverter, any kind of a medium-voltage block and DC concept there, which we already displayed to the public at Intersolar for Munich June

Founded in 81, SMA has more than 5, 500 employees and sales and assist subsidiaries in 21 countries.

SMA is the world's largest solar inverter manufacturer and its products have

gone a popular choice in Australian home

This company has won multiple awards as for the contributions to solar technology.

This year in your own home recognized with the Intersolar AWARD to the Photovoltaics category for the SMA Power Save Controller;

which allows for the use of higher shares of photovoltaics straight into diesel-powered systems

and ensures the type of stable operation of photovoltaic diesel engine hybrid systems while

In 2013, it won another Intersolar Designation for the Sunny Boy Smart Power use inverter with integrated storage

and then the Smart Energy Award 2013 as for the Smart Home comprehensive energy authority solution.

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SMA Unveils 3. 2MW Solar Testing Facility...

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WTO Rules US Solar Panel Anti-Dumping Tariffs Illegal...

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