By Peggy Revell on May 11, 2014.

Otterbox Defender iPhone 5s Case Black Green

A local technology repairman appears vindicated after fraud and terme conseillé charges were dropped against the author when he unknowingly sold counterfeit iPhone 5S Otterbox and Lifeproof phone cases.

“I’ve never been in trouble before” — at most, two photoradar tickets within the life, said Matt Reeves, seller of The iDoctors. He was “worried point crazy” after being charged by Practice of medicine Hat police in December with deception under $5, 000, and offence against the Copyright act.

The charges attain since been dropped — truthfully he said other businesses requires to be wary.

“This is going to happen to another person or business, ” he said. “They likely don’t even know they’re bringing in falsify stuff. ”

“I got deluded by this distributor, ” he explained, and the product was a far meow from the usual low quality counterfeit particulars he’s used to seeing around.

Reeves explained that when he struck on his own last year with The iDoctors, persons started asking for phone cases — so he naturally researched directing the well-known Otterbox 5S and Lifeproof cases for them.

He found another distributor out of China — using a lower price — and began near ordering two.

“They were just as promised, standard Otterbox cases, ” he said, especially when compared with his personal Otterbox case. “They were beat on. ”

The phones arrived the retail boxes, complete with QR scanning codes, accurate UPC vouchers. In fact , one of his clients short of money the clip on the counterfeit Otterbox, sent it into the company together it replaced, said Reeves.

Far from 17 cases he eventually made, two were sold to undercover cops acting on a complaint, he explained.

He said police confirmed these folks counterfeit when phoning in the a string of serial numbers — not something Reeves explained he could do when selling associated with them, as that would activate the customer’s warranty.

He added he doest not fault the police, as they had a challenge to do — while thanks quite possibly go to his lawyers at Niblock & Company proving he had hardly any intention to defraud or waste copyright infringement so that the charges were initially dropped.

Reeves said he’s presently sticking with repairs and keeping away from full — but warns other business to be careful.

“Anybody can come across this stuff. ”

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