As a NYC tv series coordinator, I am often asked things you have to do for out-of-town wedding guest You can visit us Bags. My answer is almost continually the same: Give your guests a little facts "your" New York. Whether its a list of treats from your favorite neighborhood chocolates shop, market, or coffee family home or a city guide circled with the recommendations - your friends and family will love coming to an extra token of your idea and feeling like a "local. alone

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Below are some of my ideas and as well , inspiration to help you put together some New York-themed Welcome Bags of your own!

Every NEW YORK CITY Welcome Bag should have the following articles:

NYC Subway Map (Free when MTA subway stations)The latest topic of New York Magazine A print out with this wedding weekend agenda including moment, addresses, directions and any skirt code (if applicable)

People take joy in food. And since people like food stuff, give them some of the New York food that may you like so that they can like it female! Here are some ideas of food you can:

Pastries or other sweets from your own favorite bakerySpecial ethnic delicacies difficult to find in other parts of the US like Korean language candies or caviar from Russ & DaughtersLocally made chocolate, french fries or candiesBagels!!

Whether their fluent in from France or just driving a vehicle in from New England, any out-of-town guests will love receiving a list of restaurants, bars, sights and as well , shops personally recommended by a Newbie Yorker they trust - the public!

My favorite part of putting together a You can visit us Bag is the actual bag as a whole, which by the way, doesn't have to be the proper bag. Give super fun NEW YORK CITY landmark totes from Fish Eddy's or be a little more budget attentive with a simple bag or schachtel that matches your wedding decor/stationery.

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