Mace® Complete pink and purple polka dots iPhone 5 case bag pepper spray models from the recent Exquisite Fashion line. (Photo: Small business Wire)

White Polka Dot TPU iPhone 5 Case

CLEVELAND--(Business Wire)--Mace Security Meeting place, Inc. launches new fashion product catalog of Mace®

Brand Pepper Sprays given its name Exquisite™. The new fashion line

includes patterns and colors that are bold, distinct and contemporary.

It’s safety of the fact that reflects your style. No longer does safety need to be

boring, it should be a fashion safety element that every woman feels

good keeping. Each unit contains OC white pepper spray and UV Dye, which may

an invisible marking dye that helps criminal court identify your attacker using

Mace® Brand pink and purple polka dot iPhone cases purse pepper spray models along the new Exquisite Fashion line. (Photo: Business Wire)

"For many years, self defense sprays were only seen as effective

devices but recent trends, customer feedback and point of sale made data have

shown that women yearn for their defense spray to have a combination of style and

function. All Mace® Brand defense sprays must function as

intended in a crisis also that doesn't mean they can't also be fascinating

fashionable, " Eric Crawford, VP of Sales, Mace Security Meeting place.

Mace Security International, Inc., in Cleveland, Ohio, is a

diversified group and provider of personal defense then security

products to consumer then business market segments under the rest of the world

Mace® Brand directly distributes then supports its branded

products and services as a result of strategically targeted customer channels

that consists mass market retailers, wholesale their distributors, independent

dealers, e-commerce marketers, then installation service providers.

Personal Defense Lotions: Mace® Brand is the

original sensible brand of pepper spray products to produce self-defense

against attacks by most people and animals. Mace® Brand would have over

40 years experience developing enema defense spray dispensing

technologies for the consumer and law enforcement markets in

Brand produces portable safety results for every personal and home

custody need. We design and manufacture products, what kind provide

Brand has an entire product catalog of high quality security cameras, digital

video recorders, observation monitors and installation extras for

CCTV and IP network-based video surveillance, as well as wireless

traffic signal security systems for local and standalone monitoring. We design and

generate surveillance equipment for every need, on analog to

Personal Security + Safety Wearables: Mace Wear™ actually

family of products that features innovative wearable devices related

to safety, protective measures and overall personal well-being and is also supported

by strategic partnerships within Mace Security International, Inc.,

husbands and wives with Security Partners which is the owner of three UL/ETL/CSAA Five Star

listed important monitoring stations throughout the USA giving you

full-service security & life-safety traffic signal monitoring to the wholesale

Mace Home security International, Inc. John J. McCann, President and