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Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Hanging Hook

PROSBeautiful designSturdy buildCONSValue keep in mind that proposition could've been better

Incase style and elegance is what you're looking for our own Luxa2 Groovy will not disappoint you may. At this price point you can certainly get more comfortable performing speakers like the JBL Modify II (with NFC) or the HMDX Jam Party, but they’re certainly not as chic and easy on the face as the Groovy.

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With so many manufacturers entering this market we possess been getting almost one manageable Bluetooth speaker every week for the past 6 months. In case you didn’t discover Luxa2 is a division of Thermaltake, any kind of a Taiwanese company that’s well known to obtain catering to the DIY PC but gaming enthusiasts, and is their work fork into the burgeoning “luxury accessories” segment. As far as that ambition then shuts the Groovy portable Bluetooth lecturer fits the bill perfectly. It’s utterly gorgeous with its brushed aluminium System.Drawing.Bitmap, leather strap and minimalist production.

The Luxa2 Groovy portable speaker appear really nice as it is. To add to the lure it comes with a genuine leather strap. Usually the strap can be replaced to “suit your mood” and a complimentary orange strap is provided in the package.

The all-aluminium body is not only solid, it’s also quite eye-catching. The front-end grille is made of a muted unknown fibre with the Luxa2 logo demonstrated vertically, off-centre. The base has 5 rubber feet that do keep it well anchored most of the time. You will see the lecturer “walking” in cases of extreme reverb however.

For one thing it’s quite loud for the size. The tuning of the one hundred transducers is slanted towards heights so what you get are shrill attracts and a decidedly bright sound mark. Mids are subdued and striped bass, while present is not all that incredibly good. The sound starts distorting as you outside of the 100% volume mark. At this price you can certainly get a better depiction speaker like the JBL Flip 2 (with NFC) or the HMDX Quickly pull Party, but they’re definitely not in the role of chic and groovy as the Ok.

The matte grey grille appear quite nice

Frequency response: 90 Hz to 20 KHz | Run: 2 x 2 . 5 M (RMS) | Weight: 328g | Dimension: 186 x 54 tourbe 76 mm | Charging effort: 3. 5 Hrs | Sexy fun: 3 - 3. 5 time at full volume

Contact: Web store Your World Phone: (022) 61325050

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