Gardien Burch and Fitbit are combining fashion and fitness.

Tory Burch Elandia Flower iPhone 4 Case

Burch will have designed a collection of accessories for the weight loss tracker, including a brass pendant necklaces and a brass-metal hinged bracelet, each of which feature Burch's signature open-fretwork design, as well as a silicone bracelet the brand's signature colors and marque.

"Wearable technology is an exciting upcoming category, and we're [pleased] to be partnering with Fitbit to offer a unique collection of accessories the fact that transform the fitness tracker to the stylish piece of jewelry that is versatile all that is needed to go from day to day time, " Burch told WWD.

Typically the necklace retails for $175, unquestionably the brass bracelet sells for $195, and the silicone bracelet is available concerning $38. Fitbit Flex trackers can be separately for $99. 95 in the Fitbit. com, Toryburch. com in addition to the Tory Burch iPhone 4s case retailers in The east.

"From day one, we've known a form factor is crucial to creating a six pack abs tracking device that will fit into a persons lifestyles and become truly 'wearable, '" James Park, CEO and cofounder of Fitbit, told WWD.

"We designed [Fitbit] Bend over with this in mind, but our partnership thanks to Tory Burch iPhone 4 cases has taken wearable-device set up to another level, transforming our Bend over tracker into an elegant accessory. The operator might have one Fitbit and double accessories, such as a couple of bracelets. I am looking for a lot of different ways for people to wear their trackers to match his or her own style, mood and activity. inch

Fitbit Flex tracks things such as could be steps taken and calories exploited, as well as sleep. Because many players of the Burch team already the actual device, Park said it created a perfect partnership.

"The team recently had an incredible vision for the collection. Typically the Tory Burch for Fitbit library will be around for a while. We see about that as a long-term strategic partnership, inch he told WWD.

You can preoder items from the Tory Burch concerning Fitbit collection online beginning as we speak at Fitbit. com and Toryburch. com, as well as select Tory Burch stores. Items will be shipped the following month.

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