ProQuip America has managed to rescue, once again, thousands of dollars for taxpayers over Dunkirk. ProQuip America officially assembled the first Solar LED lights for those city and county.

Sam Tavernese, managing director of ProQuip said, "We are excited to not only offer our business in Dunkirk, but for be able to have our products the fact is showcased using the sun! Sun-powered equipment and lighting on the boardwalk is just a start! At this time, we saved energy, the environment, with created jobs in the community all at the same time. Functioning forward to helping other businesses in the neighborhood and around the area, in their battle to reduce costs on electrical costs - with products! " ProQuip America specified from the beginning it had two goals as it opened its office over a the four seasons ago in Dunkirk; to help the place and create jobs. ProQuip America tools are found throughout the county, including Dunkirk City Hall. Mayor Anthony Is usually. Dolce was extremely supportive with instrumental in setting up ProQuip The us . through the incubator program, created with managed by the State University of latest York at Fredonia.

Submitted PhotosAbove: Dunkirk Mayor Anthony J. Dolciastro (second from left) stands offering representatives from ProQuip America, what recently installed solar LED equipment and lighting at the Boardwalk Market. Left: Imagined are the solar LED lights assembled at the Boardwalk Market by ProQuip America.

ProQuip America donated a Solar LED for the Boardwalk and then the installation was donated by lugar company, BECC Electric. This is a large partnership in the development and regarding the existing energy saving programs, that will rescue the community's taxpayers and offices on energy costs. About ProQuip America Established since 1996, ProQuip The us . began in Ontario, Canada and has now been a leader within the creation together with green energy products and services where they did not necessarily quite exist before. ProQuip America concentrates on LED, solar LED lighting with solar PV solutions and is a leader in a very movement to build cost-effective, green brotherhoods or sisterhoods. ProQuip America is a division of ProQuip International inc.

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