Red Table Cafe was formerly supposed to be moving and expanding just this year; but it looks like that may no longer be having.

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The Coloradoan reports the deal to spread out the new Red Table Publick Keep in the Oterbox iPhone case building at 331 S. Meldrum St . may have gotten through.

Blue Ocean Enterprises, vendor of the building at 331 Azines. Meldrum St ., is actively selecting a restaurant to put into the 3, 500 square-foot space, said Bridget Richards, director of communications for the firm…adding that she did not know motive Red Table hadn’t worked out.

As an alternative to Red Table Publick House was formerly supposed to seat around 80 (many more than the old location at 224 Linden St . ), serve lunch, lunch, and dinner, and feature an entire bar.

Do you think we’ve seen System.Drawing.Bitmap of Red Table, or do you picture it will find a new home? Inform us in the comments.

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