If you read my first post, Buttoned Up, you’ll recognise that everything’s gone ‘buttons’ recently. Such like Tuesday this week (17th June 2014), me and some crafty friends with my job held the first meeting of ‘button club’!

Cath Kidston Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 Flowers Red

(Btw it also happened to be an identical day that my cousin offered birth to a gorgeous son, Mitch Mcmillan, who I made this quilt for recently. )

Anyway, therefore , we all brought some buttons by and enjoyed looking at each other’s stashes. Here are Becca and Lizzie, who were so busy looking at appertures, they didn’t notice me enjoy my camera out!

Not only have there been some fab buttons to look at, however some interesting ways of storing appertures. Becca had an old tin (once used for tobacco), I’ve got procured little drawer unit, and Lizzie had this nifty tin inside your shape of a book (by Cath Kidston galaxy S3 case):

Button tin in the shape of an e book!

There were plenty of interesting buttons inside your stashes – different materials, colors, shapes and engraved patterns. Nonetheless we were all in agreement by the end there was just one button that was some of the most impressive – it came from Lizzie’s stash and here she is looking pleased with it:

We’ve nicknamed this my ‘naked lady’ button, for understandable reasons. I particularly like the schön cape (if that is a cape? ), even though she’s not bothered with the help of any other clothes…

The intricacy among the design is what we all loved, and moreover considering that this button is only - 5cm (½in) wide! We’ve little idea where this button has come off, so there’s no chance of being any more, but that’s the beauty of incomparable buttons like this.

Do you have any delete word what project this button is to be good for? I’m thinking a shawl or scarf, in honour among the lady on the button. Do you have nearly any interesting buttons?

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